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Art-Nr. 877216

Hersteller: MATTHAES
Hersteller-Art.Nr: 07220
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Autor: Andreas Miessmer

A handbook for professionals- how to plan, organize and prepare cold buffets. Contents: organisation and planning, kitchen techniques and tools, basic recipes, techniques and recipes, cold sauces for the buffet, delicate salads, garnishes and butter preparations, canapés and croutons, entrées and soups, creative buffet platters, delicate cheese platters and tasty cheese snacks, reports from daily buffet routine, form sheets for buffet organisation, glossary of terms and index.

- English Edition -

264 Seiten
Format: 21,5 x 27,5 cm
Ausstattung: more than 450 coloured photos, step-by-step photos

ISBN 978-3-87516-707-8
Best. Nr.: 07220

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