Starter-Set Molecular Cuisine
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Autor: Heiko Antoniewicz

10 Texturizers and the book "Molecular Basics"

This is an unbeatable set for anybody wishing to try their hand at molecular cuisine! A book, a set of texturizers and a dosage spoon – All you need to get started!

10 Texturizers and the book "Molecular Basics" by Heiko Antoniewicz describing the basic principles in comprehensive detail, as well as 60 recipes.

The range of applications for molecular cuisine is enormous. But it has nothing to do with magic, as Heiko Antoniewicz’ recipes prove. Anybody can try the dishes and many will be surprised just how delicious they taste and simple are to make. The starter set contains everything needed to get started. No need to buy anything special, no exotic ingredients or equipment. Just pop down to your supermarket to get a few basic ingredients and off you go. And when you then serve beetroot caviar with blini layer cake for the first time – you and your guests will be amazed!

176 Seiten
1. Auflage 2008
Metallbox, 185 x 240mm

ISBN: 978-3-87515-035-3

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